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You&I are experiential performance creators specialized in immersive, site-specific, movement based and participatory work. After a long term friendship and ongoing artistic collaborations, You&I became established in 2017 as a performance collective based in Brooklyn, NY. Comprised of international artists, You&I has created and presented work in multiple countries attracting the attention of global media. You&I seeks to create imaginative worlds within their work that are often interactive.

"We make magical, mysterious, and curious work that invites our audience to not only experience a journey, but also to be a part of that journey with us. This practice of radical inclusion allows us to connect with our audiences, to investigate the world, and to offer the circumstances to encounter intimate moments and create a shared experience. We want you to have choices so we can discover and explore this work together. Our worlds are full of surprises, offerings, rituals, movement, sensory explorations, transformation, and opportunities.


This work is for anyone who is open. 


So what are you waiting for? Come play with us.

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