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inside the box

July 2023 | 6 Foot Platform commissioned and sponsored by DUMBO Business Improvement District and Brooklyn Arts Council

Created by You&I

Produced by Alexander Bactat
Created and performed by Allie Marotta, Casterline Villar, Fernando Moya Delgado, and Manatsu Tanaka

inside the box is a participatory experience in which you have the opportunity to become a part of the work. Based within the confines of the Six Foot Platform and the thought of, “If anything could be on this platform, what would you like it to be?” we are inviting audience members to participate in a live devising process and create a new performance piece just for them. inside the box is both an experiential journey and an exercise in listening and hearing human stories. This fleetingly intimate piece seeks to find what human connection is left and offers a chance to not only be heard, but also validated.

Mentioned in Time Out New York!

NEWS: inside the box will return live and in person to NYC in 2024-2027 as a solo performance with lead performer Fernando Moya Delgado

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